When Personal Pharma
Meets Wellness Food
A Cannabis Based Functional Food company
Nutrition is in the heart of health
People prefer improving quality of life through healthy diet over medicine 
Chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death


Fatigue, Reducad Concentrtion, Decreased mood.


Increased Heart Rate, Elevated Blood Pressure.


Decreased Nutrient Absorption, Alterations in Gut Motility, Changes in Microbiome, Leaky Gut.


Muscle Protein Breakdown.

Stress carries a high price tag

Stress related pharmaceuticals is a $25b market, led by the US The cost of stress to the US industry estimated at over $300b annually

as a result of:

Accidents, Absenteeism, Employee

turnover, Diminished productivity,

Direct medical, legal, and

insurance costs

Relax, You’re Gonna Die

Proprietary technology

Unique proprietary IP formulation - Endocannabinoid synergy, based on a proprietary formulation and supported by clinical trials


Integrated with CBD & Terpenes​

Controlled release​

Solid IP & clinical trials​

Higher bioavailability​

Cannabis based functional food​

Accessible, Ready To Mix or Eat​

Made with pharma grade standards​

Backed by a proprietary IP​

Provides an enhanced bio availability​

Personalized mechanism

Personalization is a prominent trend

Personalized medication according to your DNA

Unique mechanism for personalized dosing

A smart usage personalized monitoring ip

A growing demand for individualized nutritional opetions based on wearable data, DNA and microbiome tasting

An amergent demand for precise dosing products according to your needs


We are MyBis, a Cannabis Based Functional Food Company. We are here to help the millions take control of their health & improve their quality of life by becoming a key player in the Cannabis Based Functional Food market. We make products infused with IP protected, improved bioavailability formula, produced with high quality & compliant standards with a unique personalization mechanism.